Accomodation at the Ranch

Rancho Pitaya - a treasure in the South of Mexico

At about thirty minutes distance from the charming town "Oaxaca", you will find the little village "Rojas de Cauhtemoc". At the outskirts, surrounded by peaceful nature and silence, Bobby and Mary Jane have constructed their ranch. There is place for the whole family plus horses and for six guests. Due to the charme of the ranch and the atmosphere every guest will feel at home immediately, experiencing a piece of Mexico very closely.

The Pitaya Ranch has its name from a cactus, that is called "Pitaya". This cactus is a very special one: It makes wunderful blossoms, they flourish, however, just one day and one night. Then the charm is over and you have to wait another year until you can marvel at this cactus flower again.


The main house of the ranch, as well as the guest's house, is made from so called "Adobe" stones in the typical Mexican style. According to old tradition horse dung, sand and water are mixed, pressed into form of bricks and then dried in the sun. This material is perfect and has proven for centuries. Adobe stones keep warm with cool temperatures, whilst inside the house remains cool in the heat of the summer. There is only a disadvantage: The stones should not become wet, otherwise they will dissolve. Overhanging tin roofs protect them. But rain and wetness are not so much a problem in Mexico ...


The guest house has three amply rooms for two persons each. All rooms have an own bathroom, a little kitchen and are connected with a big furnished veranda, they are very comfortable and decorated with many endearing details.

The living room of the main house is connected to the open kitchen. The artworks which you see at the walls stem from that time when Mary Jane was activ as a galery owner. Now the guests of Rancho Pitaya have the chance to gaze at them ....


This is "Chocolate", the chocolate-brown dog. He is the personified coziness. There are many animals on Rancho Pitaya, they make part of it. Dogs, cats, hens, horses ... they all build a happy together. The hammock invites you to relax and nourish your soul - and is gladly and often used by the guests. A sun-downer in hand, a nice chit-chat, the purring cat on your lap, the sound of the satisfied snorting horses in the background, a contently sleeping dog at your feet ... here you are in close and affectionate contact to nature and its creatures.