Endurance Riding in Mexico

Endurance riding is becoming more and more popular in all over the world. The most adequate horses for this sport are Arabian horses and Arabian crosses.
In the last years, also in Mexico the number of fans of endurance riding is increasing a lot.


The endurance riding program is organized by "Rancho Pitaya" near Oaxaca.
We offer endurance training for sportive riders.

More information will be available soon.


Bobby Oartis and Mary Jane Gragnier have a quite prominent position in Mexico’s endurance riding scene. This is also due to the fact that they were one of the first who imported Arabian horses in Mexico. They are breeding and training Arabs for endurance races, and thus set a milestone in making popular endurance in Mexico.

Twice a year they organize an endurance race in the region of Oaxaca (40 km, 60 km, 80 km and in some cases also 100 km).  It goes without saying that they regularily participate with their horses, and this with quite good success.


Furthermore they are introducing endurance courses for interested Mexican riders. Endurance is not a race, it has a lot to do with strategic riding and a good knowledge of how to train, to ride, to feed and to take care of a horse. This is what they would like to teach.

Mary Jane’s son Gabo, about 20 years old, is one of the most successful endurance riders in Mexico. In 2011 he won the 100 km race with “Spirit”. When he started, he didn’t even think of winning. It was the joy to ride, and then it happened just like that. “It was like flying …” he told me later, still having this ….. light in his eyes.

So, the guests of Rancho Pitaya will ride horses who regularly compete in endurance race, a number of them do also 80 km races.