The horses at Oaxaca

Eleven horses belong to this ranch. They are all wonderful horses. Each is distinctive in his own character. Each is an own personality, with his talents, his qualities, his little failings ...

Most of them are Arab horses (Polish Arabs, Russian Arabs, Anglo-Arabs - all of a good derivation), but there are also Quarterhorses, Arabian Quarterhorses or Criollos.



Arabian horses are not so common in Mexico. Traditionally there are more Quarterhorses and Criollos. Focussing on this noble race and living their passion for endurance riding, Bobby and Mary Jane, however, have set a milestone: They are one the first who have introduced Arabian horses in Mexico. They are also quite successful in horse-breeding, concentrating on an excellent genetic derivation of stallions and mares.

So the riders will find wonderful and well-trained horses - it is a joy to ride them!
But also anxious riders or beginners will feel comfortable, as there are also two old and very relaxed horses.

Everybody will find, what he is looking for ....


Here I present some of the horses:


  (son of "Ibn Bint Hilyuri")
  Arabian Horse, stallion
  successful in endurance races






  Polish Arabian Horse
  (derivation: Sambor)
  former race horse,
  now successful in endurance races





  Russian Arabian Horse
  successful in endurance races







  Polish Arabian Horse
  (derivation: Sambor)
  successul in endurance races




  half Quarter, half Arabian
  does also endurance races 







  Paint Quarter Horse








   Anglo-Arabian Horse







  Oaxacan Criollo Horse






  Oaxacan Criollo Horse