Silver Route Trail - the idea

On the way on ancient paths ...
This trail is something very special! It opens the possibility for a guest on horseback to dive into the history of Mexico and to follow the old paths of which the first valuable gold and silver were moved from Guanajato to Veracruz and from there transported by ship to Spain.  „ El Camino Real“, the royal way, was given the designation of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



The Mexican-born Angel Gutierrez is not only a talented rider and tourism expert; it was he who first had the brilliant idea to re-trace the old ‘El Camino Real’ and offer it as a riding trail. To arrive at this point, months of examination of documents and old letters in the Mexico City University library were necessary. Today some of the stretches of the royal way are asphalted streets while others are unknown sand paths. Other connecting parts are hidden paths that wind through the thicket of the forest of the mountains or through large cactus fields on the plains.



Believing in dreams and making them come true
Angel followed the idea that inspired him and never gave up. After a year he had reconstructed from the individual pieces the entire original way. The investigation lead him on horseback , on foot or on bicycle until he had put together a passable trail that was true to the original historical path.

The trail that can be ridden today, thanks to Angel’s commitment follows the entire silver route over a 180 km stretch. The tour starts in the heart of Mexico, in Guanajato, the center of the silver mines and leads in a total of 5 riding days to San Miguel de Allende.



Special award from the President
In 2012, Angel Gutierrez was recognized by the Mexican government with the award for the ‘Best Ride of the Year’ for his idea, engagement and excellent execution of the Silver Route Trail. The award was presented to Angel personally by the then Mexican president Felipe Calderón.



Living history
Mexico has experiences centuries of moving history. The country has experienced not only repression, hard work, rebellion, uprising, blood and tears; but also pride, courage, faith and an endless fighting spirit. On this trail, the rider will see in addition to the roughness of the landscape the many symbols and monuments across the ages. The history of the silver mines, the influence of the Spanish, the rebellions and the struggle for freedom… Angel has the capability to explain and convey the information in an exciting and demonstrative way.



Top horses
His horses are well trained Quarter horses in optimal condition. They are true energy bundles that carry their riders untiringly cross country.

The landscape is very diverse, from mountains with green vegetation to sandy plains in which an unbelievable variety of cacti grow.



Food and lodging - high standard
Culinary enjoyment does not suffer on this trip. Exactly the opposite, the guests have the rich possibility to experience the very the tasty Mexican cuisine. At noon somewhere on the prairie awaits a beautifully set table in the shade, or a table in a quaint village restaurant. In the evening the group ends its daily ride with a tasty and comfortable diner. There will of course be the opportunity to drink one or several Margherita or other cocktail. Mexico is a country where one celebrates and enjoys.  



If you are interested in the country and its people, as well as a bit of culture and the history of Mexico and you would like to combine this with nature and sport, then this horse trail is the exact thing for you.

In March of 2014, I personally rode the trail and know that it will not be the only time. What really impressed me were the condition of the horses and the amazing organization of Angel and his team. I got to know many wonderful people and grasp more of the deep beauty of this country with so many old stories.  



Mejico - creo en te!
"Mexico - I believe in you"", says a campaign that lobbies for Mexico as a hospitable country.
Mexico is absolutely worth traveling to and if you have the heart of a rider and it can be enjoyed on horseback , then there is nothing to add….