Riding Oaxaca - Rancho Pitaya

Trekking - starfish rides - half day and overnight rides
with nice and well trained horses - for experienced riders and beginners as well -
that's the best way to discover the variety and beauty of Mexico ...!


I would like to present you a little, but special ranch in the South of Mexico.

Special - because all their horses are happy, well cared and well treated.
Special - because these horses belong to the first endurance horses in Mexico, and if they are not busy with the guests, they do a 80 or 100 kilometer endurance race and they might also win.
And special - because the people who run that ranch, are not only real "horse poeple", but they welcome every guest in such a nice and uncomplicated manner, that one feels like a family member within a short time.


On my trip to special horse places, I discovered "Rancho Pitaya".

"You will find happy horses there ...," a friend told me. I followed her advice and went there to have horse holidays with them. And indeed, I passed unforgettable and wonderful days, and at the end it was quite hard to say goodbye.

Now I return regularily. I can recommend this place with all my heart to my clients and all riders, who want to have nice riding holidays and for whom the well-being of a horse is as important as their own.