Who we are at Oaxaca

Behind every special horse place there are always special people who created it and who manage it.
Also “Rancho Pitaya” gets its energy from Mary Jane and son Gabo, the owners of this place, who are also guiding the rides.


Mary Jane Gagnier

is born in Canada, but she lives in Mexico for more than 30 years. The all-round talented power woman discovered her love for horses only as an adult person, she started to ride together with her son Gabo.  Later she founded a riding stable and organized riding tours with her two horses of that time. Moreover she wrote several books about the culture of Mexico, she collected pictures and art-works in her gallery.

On Rancho Pitaya she does the marketing, looks after the clients and does the guide for several rides. She is – as all of the family – very fond of endurance riding. She won the 100 km endurance race ( ! ) on "Newest Style". When she finds some time,  she likes to cook and to create some delicious Mexican food.

Any information you need, any help you require, best ask Mary Jane, she knows a lot and will assist you in word and deed.





is in the early twenties and studies veterinary medicine. Every free minute he stays with the horses. He also guides the tours when he is available.
Also he is very active in endurance riding, he is one of the best endurance riders in Mexico.
In 2011 he won the 100 km endurance race with “Spirit”.
On this picture you see him with “Newest Style”.